Concept 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV Quadrifoglio

Concept 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV Quadrifoglio
People who exclaim that sexy Italian car brands should stay away from building boring SUVs are usually the ones who leap to their feet in incredulous joy when they see the final result.

Guilty as charged.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio takes the modern compact luxury crossover in all its elephantine two-box blandness and injects it with personality, verve, and panache. And although there are people haulers and people haulers that haul ass, none do the latter with such glamour as the Stelvio. Damn, this thing looks good. And I hate SUVs.

Let’s take stock: The Stelvio’s intimidating front fascia and Scudetto triangular shield communicates its business purpose in no uncertain way. The muscular and taut body-side sheetmetal looks fast just standing still. And the sculpted fastback-tapered tailgate is a bit busy but still looks marvelous. The Stelvio is what you would expect from a design studio that won’t allow function to compromise form. Never will you make an entrance in your Stelvio and have someone say, “Oh … that’s, umm, nice.” Expect gushing.

It gets better when you get inside. Sharing the Giorgio component set of the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan—which we have loved in both base and Quadrifoglio editions—the Stelvio rides on the same 111.0-inch wheelbase but carries 1.5 inches more in overall length and about an inch more width.

The interesting thing is how the Stelvio carries this incrementally larger size. Although the Giulia rightly feels like a member of the compact sedan segment, the Stelvio carries the substantial heft of a larger crossover without losing any suggestion of a compact’s nimbleness. The Giorgio platform is rear-drive-biased and can send 100 percent of engine power to the rear axle for that energetic driving feeling but up to 60 percent to the front wheels when added traction is needed.motortrend

Post time: Oct-23-2017
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